​"What many people find very difficult, I find easy - it's as simple as that!"

My Vision

I believe that everyone deserves to have a living space that they love. That is both beautiful to them, and that meets their physical needs. Somewhere they can call home, and is a peaceful haven where they feel fulfilled and can rest & relax.

It should ideally be stress free.

My Mission

Is to help every client who comes to me, to achieve this, by working with them to make the changes they desire, and that are the best to meet any physical requirements they or their family members may have.

My role is to support, guide, and encourge the client in a compassionate non judgemental way.

Changing the ambience of ones home can be instrumental in changing a person's life, physically, mentally & spiritually.

My Ethos

In terms of the overall subject of a holistic approach to our physical and mental health & wellbeing, much reference is made to the importance of diet, nutrition, exercise, rest & relaxation, companionship, meditation, mindfulness & connecting with nature.

However, reference is rarely made to the ambience of our homes.

If we live in a space that we dislike, is cluttered and stressful, it is very difficult to have the motivation to address some of the issues mentioned above.

In my view, the home is thus the starting point. This is akin to the phrase 

'Home is where the heart is.'

Declutter your home & your lives NOW and never look back.

Your will be freer, less stressed and thus able to enjoy more of the pleasurable things in life.

William Morris the English craftsman, designer & poet (1834-1896) said:

'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.'

I am very aware that this means different things to different people. Personally, I am a tidy and organised person. As a result, I take great pleasure in having an ordered and neat home. That being said, my role in helping anyone, is not to impose my way of living on them, but more importantly to work with each individual to ascertain what their goals are for their living space, and then to work with them to achieve these.

My Experience

In my career of over 25 years in the design industry, being a co-founder of Purves & Purves, the eclectic contemporary furniture retailer, I have gained much experience advising customers. I have also moved my family of 5 in and out of 8 homes. We have always achieved the best price for our sales, as I have a natural talent for home staging. Moving furniture to make rooms look more spacious and accessorising to create a delightful ambience, is a very important part of this process. I have always done the packing & unpacking myself so consider myself quite masterful in this regard - The key is to declutter First!

I have also helped many people declutter, reorganise and restyle their homes. I have worked with people who have needed to downsize after becoming widowed, and understand the challenges of bereavement firsthand, having now lost both of my own parents. I have worked with families with young and teenage children.

I have the following:

  • a current DBS certificate

  • am registered with the ICO

  • have been accredited by the APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) and abide by their ethics & code of practice

  • taught a weekly night school class on Philosophy & Mindfulness for 10 years

  • a HND in Level 3&4 CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) with a higher level distinction which I passed in 2019

  • I have Public & Employee Liability Insurance.

  • I have client testimonials here

Every case is unique, and I believe that with my creative and people skills, plus my extensive experience, I can help anyone. No matter how small or large the project may be - nothing phases me, as I love a challenge. 


I very much hope that I can work with you to help you to realise your dreams for your home. To declutter your home & life, can be life changing.


Call to arrange a free 30 minute exploratory call on 07775 728447 or email me at with suggested times & dates.

With Very Best Wishes,

Pauline Purves

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