How long will we need?

  • On the initial home visit, we will evaluate the tasks you would like to tackle, discuss timescales, budgets and any practical issues. This usually takes an hour.

  • This will be followed up by a bespoke written quote which will be emailed to you unless an alternative is requested by you. 

How much will it cost

  • The initial Home visit is £55

  • My hourly rate is £50

  • The minimum work session is 3 hours for £150

  • Subject to the scale & length of a project, a bespoke contract price can be negotiated.

What do I need to do before the 1st work session?

  • It is important that you are prepared to make some decisions about the property that you have, so getting yourself in the right frame of mind is important.

  • Dependant on the outcome of the initial site visit, there may be some specific things that we agree you will need to do, but in any event, we always need good strong black bags, cloths for dusting and damp wiping, and a reliable vacuum cleaner.

  • I also recommend that you save any nice shoe boxes etc. that you have as thy can be very useful for using within drawers, it is a great way to recycle and costs you nothing.

Will I have choices on the day(s)?

  • Ultimately you make the decisions. I am there to give advice and guidance, but it is ultimately your home and your property, of which I am supremely respectful.

  • The process that I usually work to, is that a client has 6 choices for items. They can either be kept, sold, recycled, donated to a charity shop, be given to a specific person and while I prefer to keep it to an absolute minimum, some items may need to go into general domestic waste.

Will you dispose of items for me?

  • This is something that we can discuss at the initial home visit. It is not included in the general price. I do not currently own a car. I took a decision in 2018 for environmental reasons, to see how well I could manage without a car. However, if a client would like help with the removal of items, I would get a quote for a Zip/pool car which I would ask the client to pay for, as well as any parking. They are very economical and I think we all need to do as much as we can to reduce carbon emissions where possible. I also now do a lot of walking, which helps to keep me supremely fit!

How do you work safely in homes where there are young children &/or Pets?

  • Children under 10 years old should either be at school, away on a school trip/holiday, being looked after elsewhere or being looked after by a responsible adult elsewhere in the house.

  • Children and pets should not be in the room where we are working at anytime. This is for their own health and safety and is part of our terms and condition

You are a stranger coming into my home – How do I know I can trust you?

  • Prior to a home visit we will have a half hour phone conversation in which you can ask any questions about me and the work that I do.

  • I have a current DBS (Disclosure and Barring) certificate which clarifies that I have no criminal record. I can email you a copy prior to my initial visit by request &/or bring the original with me on the day itself. You can also read the testimonials on the website. 

I am concerned about confidentiality?

  • Anything that I see in a client’s home, remains between the client and me. I make absolutely no judgement, and am genuinely here to help.

  • Any handwritten notes that I take in order for me to make a quote will be stored in a locked filing cabinet.

  • I usually suggest to clients that they take before and after pictures for their own records. However, if a client is happy for me to take some before and after pictures to be uploaded on to the website, they will remain anonymous and only be used for the purpose of showing an example of work carried out by me.

  • In terms of data such as name and address etc. collected on the website, these are solely collected for the management of our client/service relationship. For further information on data collected please see our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy

  • Online payments are collected via a secure payment portal.

8. What geographic areas do you cover?

  • I am based in West London W7, so my home ground is the wonderful leafy borough of Ealing. Generally, I would expect to work within the greater London area but, I hope to recruit new clients upon the recommendation of existing or former clients so I am flexible in this regard. If there is a job that needs doing and you think that I am the right person for you, I will be there....

  • Where the travel is in excess of an hour each way, we will discuss potential travel and/or accommodation costs in our initial exploratory phone conversation.

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