Are you dreading the 2nd Lockdown? Tips on how you can make your home work better for you!

As we all face the 2nd national lockdown in 2 days on Thursday 5th November, there can be no doubt that having already had a 3 month national lockdown earlier in the year, many people are dreading this second one.

  • Once again we are being encouraged to stay at home. However, one of the key differences is that schools & other educational establishments will remain open. This will at least provide some relief for those families who really struggled with home schooling.

  • Whatever our thoughts are on the merits of this government action, we need to remain positive for our own overall physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing.

  • Self-care has never been more important, as well as reaching out to the vulnerable in our communities, who may need some support.

At this time, when so many things are out of our control, in truth, our home is the one thing that we should be able to have some control over:

Tips for improving the ambience of your homes:

  • Lighting is really importan, particularly during the winter months. During the day keep curtains & blinds fully open to maximise the natural light. In the evenings use softer lighting to produce a more relaxing atmosphere. Dimmer lights work well in this way & of course scented candles can also be used, but of course make sure that they are out of reach of any children!

  • Bring the outside in: Particularly if you do not have a garden, make sure that you have plants in your home. Garden centres will remain open so why not go and have a browse.....

Above is a peace lily. It can absorb harmful air pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and xylene. It makes the air breathable by adding moisture to it and by eliminating almost 60% of the pollutants. It likes a light room, but not direct sunlight, and needs to be watered just a few times a week. This one came from Morrisons & was £7 including the pot - a real bargain!

  • Let in the fresh air: As long as it is not too cold, have some windows open during the day, to freshen up your home.

  • If you are working from home: Try & allocate a specific working space where possible, and ideally one with some natural light. However, if you need to work on the kitchen table, at the end of the working day, remove the work items to another place, so that the kitchen table is clear & uncluttered

  • Have uplifting background music: This can add to a relaxing, positive atmosphere.

Are there areas of your home that you dislike ?

To stay positive why not make a decision to make changes to these areas, but do only one room at a time, to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Make a list of what it is that you dislike, decide what is a priority, make a manageablke action plan:

You may identify one or more of the following:

  • Too much stuff/clutter on surfaces &/or in draws & cupboards

  • A lack of light

  • Limited floor space to move around

If you decide there are items you no longer need, you can do any of the following:

  • Offer them to friends & family.

  • Offer to people on your street. We have set up a street WhatsApp group. Many people who are clearing out, photograph the items and ask if anyone would like them. It seems to work really well. I got the chest below from a neighbour for £35.

  • Sell on Ebay, or offer for free on Gumtree etc. if someone can collect.

  • Valueable items can be auctioned.

  • Take to a council recycling centre as they will remain open.

  • Keep until Charity shops reopen, hopefully in December.

Once you have decluttered, you may be able to create more floor space by rearranging furniture & putting up shelves. If the room needs to be brightened up - choose some accessories in a colour that you like, such as cushions & throws, to give the room an uplift.

If you are reading this and thinking there were things that you wanted to change during the last lockdown, but did not know where to start, as a Professional Organisr I can help you.

I have introduced a virtual service where I help you to decide where to start, create a manageable action plan & then guide you through the process with regular video calls.

You can read more about this service here - You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page on my website.

While I can still work in people's homes, we need to decide beforehand how we can work safely. You can read more about this here

Finally, if you are able to make some improvements to your home, so that it is a place that you love, you will find it easier to relax in. In addition, you will feel more positive & motivated to make healthy choices such as, online exercise classes, going out for daily walks/runs, & cooking healthy nutritious meals etc. Below are the pictures that I took on my daily walk yesterday:

I love my home & I want to help everyone to have a home that they love too, & that also works in a practical way.

Good Luck everyone & if you need any support & guidance please do not hesitste to email me at or call me on 07775 728447.

With Very Best Wishes as ever,

Pauline Purves

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