Are you having to self-isolate as a result of the Covid-19 virus? Why not turn it into a positive..

There can be no doubt that we are in unprecedented times with the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Some of us are already having to self-isolate & it is likely that many more of us will need to do the same in the coming weeks and months.

But it does not need to be all doom & gloom........ , instead, you can use the time for positive 'self-care'.......

You coulld do a thorough spring clean. This is deemed to be good for combating the covid-19 virus, which can sit on hard surfaces for up to 72 hrs.

In addition, while you are likely to be feeling emotions of not being in control of your own life, you can use this time as an opportunity to take control of your own living space, by deciding to declutter & reorganise your posessions. I believe in the saying 'home is where the heart is' so undertaking such a task should in itself be cathartic, as it is essentially one of self-care.

In this blog I want to give you some specific tips of how to tackle this, all be it in restricted circumstances:

  • Most people have a specific area in their home that they would like to improve, but either due to time constraints &/or not knowing where to start, they procrastinate. That being said, the awareness of it, despite being ignored, creates residual anxiety.

  • Having to self-isolate for 7-14 days, provides the perfect opportunity to address such things.


  1. Are you behind on paperwork & filing? This could be the perfect opportunity to not only catch up, but also to review what you currently keep in a paper format, that you could now decide to store digitally.

  2. By law for tax purposes, we have to keep 7 years of bank statements etc. However, most financial organisations hold digital copies going back over more than 7 years. These can be accessed online at any time, and to do a 'self assessment' tax return, if you need to complete one.

Digital Storage

1. Do you have a home computer or laptop? If so, what is the state of your desktop and your digital files?

2. If your digital files are disorganised as in the image above, you could take the time to systemise all your digital files in order to make it less stressful to locate items.

3. On my desktop I have 3 folders, one for my business, one general folder for all my personal files & one "To Do" folder for any items that I am still working on. Within each of these folders, everything is filed systematically into sub folders.

4. Once you have sorted all your digital files, the discipline going forward, should be to file things on a daily basis, always clearing your desktop at the end of each day.

5. Daily maintenance simplifies the whole process, thus making it stress free to locate any file.


  • Are your kitchen cupboards overcluttered?

  • Have you got gadgets that you never use taking up valueable space?

  • Are the things that you need for food preparation & cooking in the most practical place, in order to make cooking from fresh, as easy as possible?

There can be no doubt that if your kitchen is practical & easy to work in, you are not only more likely to cook using fresh ingredients, but it can be more enjoyable.

  1. If you decide that you have some small electrical gadgets that you no longer need, you can box/bag them up for either a charity shop, or to be taken to a council recycling centre, once you are free to go out.

  2. The British Heart Foundation & Sue Ryder charity shops will take electrical items, while most other charity shops will not.

  3. If you locate a lot of duplicate food items, such as dry pasta, that you are unlikely to be able to use before the 'best before' date, you could put them to one side & then donate them to one of the foodbank boxes in your local supermarket, once you are able to go out.


You could also use the time in self-isolation to declutter & resort your wardrobe.

  1. Is your wardrobe 'stuffed' with clothes?

  2. Are there items that you have not worn for at least 12 months?

  3. Are there winter clothes that you have not worn at all this winter?

  4. Have you got items that are very worn or woollens that have holes?

During the time in self-isolation, you can gradually sift through all your clothes & accessories including shoes etc.

  • Unwanted items can be bagged up for a charity shop.

  • If the items are very worn and therefore not suitable for a charity shop, they can be bagged up to be taken to a council recycling centre when possible.

In Conclusion

  1. The need to self-isolate is outside of our control.

  2. However, what use we make of the time is 100% up to us.

  3. So, why not take the time to really exercise some self-care by working from within your home to take control, and create a beautiful, clutter free home that you love.

If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to email me at

Good Luck & stay safe,

With Very Best Wishes as ever,

Pauline Purves

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