Are you struggling to find the right space to work at home?

Once again we are being told to work from home in this our 3rd national lockdown. Makeshift home offices can be anything from the kitchen top, the sofa or even our beds. It may be that if you are living in a house with others, the bedroom is the only place where you can work undisturbed!

  • People often say to me that they do not have the space for a home office.

  • The good news is that you do not need a spare room. With some creativity, a home office can take up a just a small section of a room, with minimal financial outlay.

  • My home office is at one end of a second bedroom. It measures 200 cm x 100 cm, and accommodates all my business & personal documents, as well as stationery & a digital printer.

  • The desk can be drawn up to sit flat against the wall. This makes the room more spacious when I have a guest. The desk is something that has accompanied me from one home to another, initially being purchased for my then teenage son's bedroom. As it is so old, I can no longer locate the supplier unfortunately..........

  • However, 'House Beautiful' have compiled a very useful article listing 13 of what they consider to be the best options for wall mounted desks, which you can read here.

  • There are also many other options online.

  • While most of us cannot afford designer products, there is no harm in admiring great design & the designers ingenuity. Below is a great designer product called the 'Pill' which I love, but it does not come cheap at 2,470 euros!! There are a variety of different colours & you can view it online here.

The other thing to bear in mind is to be aware of your posture when working:

  • Lower back pain is a huge issue for many people, as so many of us spend many hours sitting & working online. Experts estimate that 80% of people will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives.

  • Not everyone can afford a good desk chair, but sitting upright with some lumbar support can minimise issues, so whenever possible, try to do this.

  • Getting up & moving around frequently, is also important to relieve the lower back, as is rapid walking, keeping the back straight. This is particularly important if you have to work propped up on your bed for example.

Benefits of dedicated home work spaces:

  • If you are able to create a dedicated work space, it is easier to separate work time from leisure time.

  • Personally, I find it cathartic to end my working day by doing any filing including on my lap top. Avoiding chaotic desktops such as the one shown below, which can be quite stressful, is a measure of self-care.

  • I also end the working day by making a 'To Do' list for the next day. This helps me to park outstanding items so to speak, until the following day! I can then walk away from my work space. If my mind reverts to work in the evening, I rationalise, by reminding myself that I have a list for the next day! This may just me, but I do need to be disciplined to 'switch off' from my work in the evenings, especially when I am working from home.

  • If you have to work in your kitchen, at the end of the working day, tidy paperwork away, out of sight where possible. As the old saying goes ' out of sight out of mind.'

Taking control of what we can, when there is so much during this pandemic that is outside of our control, can really help our overall well being. As I have written in previous blogs, when we are for the most part confined to our homes, it is evermore important that they work for us & other family members, in both a practical & nurturing way.

Next week I will give tips on how to make our kitchens a joy to work in by being orderly & practical, so that food preparation becomes an enjoyable activity, rather than an onerous daily task!!

Have a lovely week. I hope that you are able to get out for some exercise, where possible.

With Very Best Wishes,


Pauline Purves

07775 728447

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