Biophilic design, plus recycled & ethically sourced homewares.

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Biophilic design is a concept used within the building and interior design industry to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions. It is considered as a holistic approach to design, as such interior environments can be beneficial to a person's physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing.

When we are confined to our homes for a lot of the time, such as during this second national 'lockdown', these considerations can help lift our mood.

  • Natural light is widely recognised as being cathartic, but in rooms where there may not be any natural lighting, the lights that we introduce are a key consideration. Lights that can be adjusted in terms of brightness via dimmer switches, are a simple way of transforming the ambience of a room, not forgetting the importance of a good reading light where necessary.

  • Introducing some plants & fresh flowers as well as being aesthetically attractive, can also improve air quality:

  • There is an interesting article by Lisa Walden entitled "13 plants that can naturally improve our home, health and wellbeing" which you can read here

  • Or we can go one step further, by introducing blinds & wallpapers etc.with natural exterior photographic images.

  • In this vein, I was delighted to reconnect with the lovely Ella Doran whom I had worked with at Purves & Purves. She has a great range of such wallpapers and blinds & has been doing biophilic design for many years.

You can see other wallpaper, fabric & furniture designs on Ella's website here

Autumn landscapes have wonderful rich warm colours........

You can replicate these rich warm colours inside to make a room feel warm & cosy as the nights close in, & the weather gets colder, with a few accessories such as throws, cushions & coloured candles for example.

  • The advantage of accessorising is that it is easy to change them seasonally, so in spring we can choose fresh shades of green, blues & florals etc. to compliment the transitions of rebirth & growth in nature

  • Many hotels, cafes & offices use biophilic design & while these are mostly far to grandiose for the average home, looking at such images can help to inspire creative ideas for what we can do in our own homes. There are some great images here.

  • The combination of natural materials such as wood, stone and slate finishes fior example, can further enhance an earthy feel.

Finally & importantly we can go one step further by using recycled homeware products & accessories. In the light of the crucial need to protect our planet & environment, the availability of such products is expanding significantly. Here are just a few interesting links:

  • Weaver Green makes some great rugs, throws & cushions form recycled plastic bottles.

  • Protect the Planet has an amazing selection of eco furnishings & home accessories which is definitely worth a browse.

  • Wearth London has a great range of ethical homewares sourced in the UK.

I hope that this has inspired you to make your homes as warm & cosy as possible, and to choose recycled & ethically sourced homeware & furnishing products.

Stay safe & warm.

With Very Best Wishes as ever,

Pauline Purves

07775 728447

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