How to create a Home Road Map for a Spring Revamp.

Our homes play a crucial role in terms of our overall wellbeing.

Follow my tips on how to get started & give your home a spring revamp.

Good News - after a year of our lives being controlled by the Covid-19 virus, the government have given us a long awaited 4 step 'road map' of how the restrictions will be lifted, with specific dates.

While the actual implementation of these will of course be subject to the continued decline of the virus & hospitalisations, it does offer an element of hope & a way forward.....

This hope on the horizon, coincides with the renewal of spring & the impetus of positive energy that this brings, so it makes sense to embrace it! I have really missed being able to help people transform their homes into places that they love & that work for them in a practical way, so I want to help you NOW, to create your own road map in order to start to plan the process of change.

During the pandemic our homes were our weapon against the virus, as we were told to 'stay at home' in order to stay safe from this pernicious & deadly virus.

As a direct consequence, homes have had to be classrooms, offices & gyms with continuous cooking, while simultaneously, being a place for rest & relaxation - a very tall order.

With schools back from the 8th March, & Easter around the corner, now is the time to re-evaluate our homes.

So where to start:

Find some quiet time to work through your home taking one room at a time. I would recommend the following:

  • Hallway - go outside the front door & then re-enter your house, as if for the 1st time. How does it make you feel? Is it welcoming? Do you like it? If not, then ask yourself why & make some notes.

  • Then work through each room. Once in the space, ask the same questions as above, but also reflect on the functions of each room and how well they work in each regard. For example, in the kitchen, what is it like to cook - does the layout work?Can you find things easily? Are spices & seasoning items close at hand when cooking? Do you have an effective easy to use recycling system?

  • Make notes as you go along. Once you have completed the process, reread your notes and make a list in order of priority, the rooms that you would like change, & what these are.

  • From this, you can make an action plan

A word of warning - the biggest barriers to people making changes to improve their homes are procrastination & not knowing where to start. So if this resonates with you, you are not alone!

But here is the thing, we will happily call on the expertise of plumbers, electricians etc. to help us in our homes, so why not get the help of a Professional Home Organiser for some guidance to simply help you get started, or to work with you throughout a project. Here is the link to a blog I wrote entitled "What exactly does a Professional Organiser do?", which may help you in your decision making.

From the 12th April, I will once again be able to work directly with you in your home, with appropriate care. I am really excited to be able to get back to doing what I love, because it literally changes peoples lives & has a dramatically positive effect on overall wellbeing.

A room can be transformed with some simple reorganising & re-accessorising, plus space & storage management. I have the skills & expertise to do this. It does not need to cost a lot, but does need creativity & vision.

So do not delay TAKE ACTION NOW & contact me to book a free 30 minute call - what have you got to lose......

I feel re-energised by the imminence of spring already, & look forward to hearing from you, to answer any questions that you may have.

With very best wishes as ever,

Pauline Purves

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