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What is in your bag ?

Just got home from visiting an organisation where I will be giving a presentation in January about my work ethic and how important it is for our overall wellbeing to live in a space that is ambient & relaxing. We got talking about her home & she said you should look at my bag - so we did. Completely spontaneously, we both took out the contents of our bags & placed tham on a table - it was fascinating..... I then asked her to select from the pile of stuff what she thought was essential. Below are the pictures of her bag, her selected essential items (in her view!), what was left, and then my bag. A heavy shoulder bag is in fact very bad for your back & posture...... What is your bag like - does it reflect in any way the way you live at home........... would love to know your thoughts & if you are brave enough send a photo of your bag contents too.!

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